Thursday, December 31, 2009

DVD Inspired Work

Robin Gay White
Robin emailed me last week about how much she enjoys her Collage Overview DVD. Her cats came out wonderful, the eyes are just stunning! I feel like she really got the fur effect with her use of multiple shades of browns and a paper with fuzzy edges when torn (not cut!) The whiskers are some fine detail work, I'm impressed! Find Robin's work here:

Thank you for the opportunity to share how much I have enjoyed watching your Paper Paintings Overview DVD...over and over again!  

Not only is it beautifully produced but your informative, cut-to-the-chase descriptions of your procedures leaves the viewer full of inspiration and encouragement! You have opened up a whole new world for me as a painter of which I cannot wait to explore!

Since Christmas was quickly approaching I decided to start with making gifts for my children... using your simple techniques I created Paper Paintings of my grand-dog and cats!  I had so much fun and was pleasantly surprised with the outcomes... and so were the kids!  Already, I have received requests from other pet owners!

Thank you so much, Elizabeth, for sharing your love of art with the rest of us so we can be further encouraged and expanded!  


  1. Robin tried what I most want to--cats are my favorite subject! But I can't quite figure out how to transfer all that furr to paper. She did it wonderfully! Robin, thanks for sharing, I may just get the courage to do one of my cats now:)

  2. your best bet is to pick some paper with fibers in it, so when you tear it, it gives you "furry edges" and use lots of overlapping small pieces of different tones. Good Luck!

  3. Thank you Sandy...Elizabeth is correct (surprise!) I used white mulberry paper and rice paper that had fibers throughout. The whiskers are some of those fibers that I pulled out of the white paper before dying. The background is rice paper with small stick-like fibers. Soo much fun! If I can do it Sandy...You can do it!!! Thanks again Elizabeth!


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