Monday, December 28, 2009

More From Atlanta

Quinlan Visual Arts Center Invitational
I was so impressed with the "Q" that I feel it deserves another blog entry. Today in my e-mailbox I received an invitation to submit to their upcoming Bird's Nest Invitational. I have done two small nests which I love, one sold and one is at the El Monte Sagrado Living Resort & Spa Grand Bohemian Gallery in Taos, NM. Looks like I'll have to create another nest! (coincidently, one of my three pieces on display at the Q currently, is a nest!)
Click Here for the info and the entry form for the Bird's Nest Invitational. I think that if you work in a small to medium format, you can easily ship to the Q and you can see from my photo above, this is a very upscale arts center and their gift shop is to die for! (I think I spent as much time in the gift shop, showcasing original art, sculpture and earrings for sale) They have tons of wall space, and if you can ship it (or maybe you live close by), BIG pieces work really well there, the place is huge!

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