Friday, December 11, 2009

Offering Inspiration

Girl Scout Troop 4144

I was asked to speak to the Girl Scouts in my neighborhood last week. They were working on an art badge and needed to interview a female artist. When the troop leader asked if I would come and speak to them, of course I said yes. This opportunity was special to me because I had recently had the Cub Scouts visit me in my studio, but also because I was a Girl Scout Myself.

When I went to visit the girls, I dug out my old Girl Scout vest, which thanks to my Mother I still have. I noticed on the back there were patches from the sleep away camps I used to attend with my sister and even a Cookie Time patch from 1978. I was a Brownie and then a Girl Scout all the way through middle school. What a nice bunch of memories that vest brought to me.

I talked to the girls about art, I answered their prepared questions about what inspires me, what my favorite subject matter is and what my favorite color is, then we all looked at the art assignments they had completed in order to earn their badge.

This was really a nice opportunity for me to give back to the Girl Scouts and my community. When they asked me what made me want to go to college for art I told them that I loved art and it was one of the few things I was really good at in my youth. I also stressed to them that it was in fact my high school art teacher who encouraged me to explore art as a career and even helped me prepare the entire portfolio section of my college application. Without this amazing teacher in my life, I may never have ended up where I am today.

I am always pleased when given a chance to offer inspiration to young people in art.


  1. Thanks for doing that for the Girl Scouts. I also was a Brownie and a Girl Scout and learned to knit in Brownies and probably did lots of art-type activities, though I don't remember much detail. Good organizations for young girls.

  2. Your wonderful words about how your art teacher encouraged you to continue your studies in art are priceless. These are words the community needs to hear as cultural education programs are slashed right and left,art, music, drama and more! Great Elizabeth .. you are and can be a strong inspiration for our troubled society! And you are blessed also with the gift of music with your art in expressing yourself! Thank you for sharing your Girl Scout experiences, then and now. Happy Holidays!

  3. Happy Holidays and thanks for your kind words, I think these girls really had fun and you are right, what a wonderful organization for young girls.

  4. Still loving your work... no ideas for music really, but I saw this bird on TV today and thought of your bird collages... you should put this one on the list if you ever get back to them... lilac-breasted-roller... SO beautiful, seemed it's colors would lend itself to a beautiful, fun collage. There are a couple of picture here...


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