Friday, December 4, 2009

Fine Art and Advertising Meet

Today my two worlds collide! I am a graphic artist in addition to a fine artist and I have entered a contest to create an ad for my favorite shoe maker, John Fluevog. I have been wearing these shoes ever since my brother got married in CA and I found them in a shop in Santa Cruz.

I designed an ad for the Mini Zaza shoe ( I would not mind having a pair of those) using my own collage artwork. Graphic design and fine art unite!

Won't you vote for my ad? Click here and you will go to the ad gallery page, every time they add more work the pages shift, so if you don't see the ad pictured above, put "peacock" in the search at the top.

You can vote once a day, every day if you like. Tell your friends and family that I WANT those shoes! And a girl can never have too many shoes...


  1. Okay, I voted for your ad... It's nice to see that great peacock again (but remember not to use him in your music series) Have to admit though, those shoes are NOT ME! Flamboyant designs always look very scary on big feet.

  2. Oh Charlene, I have SIZE 10 feet and I agree with you but you know what? just like the peacock, I say FLAUNT IT and enjoy it, big feet or not. :) and you are right, no peacocks in the music series. thanks so much for voting for me. I appreciate it!


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