Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Paper Paintings Featured in New Book

©Gretchen Bierbaum 2010

The president of the National Collage Society has written a few books about collage. In her most recent one, she asked me to be included. I have a full page spread about my figurative collage process, and a sliver of my rooster tail is featured on the left hand side of the cover!

This book is available via PDF download. The National Collage Society has applied for a grant to print the book, but the grant process is still in progress, so for now the PDF download is available for $12.99. The book is 68 pages and features the work of over 20 artists. There are many unique collage and assemblage techniques in this book.

Here are the instructions provided to me by Gretchen for printing  and viewing the download:

The PDF e-book is set up in single pages for ease of printing your own personal copy. To view it like a book follow these steps:
  • Open the pdf
  • In the main menu select View>Pge Layout (PC) or Page Display (Mac)>Facing Pages (PC) or Two-Up (Mac)
  • Go back to View>Page Display>Show Cover Page During Two-Up (Mac only)
This should allow you to view the Cover as a single page and the rest of the pages next to each other as they would be seen in a printed book.


  1. Congratulations! Looks like a great book so I hope the grant process works for them to be able to print it :)

  2. Thanks so much! I am pretty happy about it. Hopefully the grant will get it to print. I'd love a copy!

  3. I bought a copy on Thursday. It took a day for the pdf to come by email - but it opened easily and your spread is beautiful. Thanks.

  4. Lynn, that's strange that they emailed you the PDF. why not make it so you would just automatically download it once you paid? strange. Anyway, you got it in the end and that's good. That spread was a long time coming! I probably started talking with Gretchen about that a year ago. publishing books is slow. Thanks for your kind words!


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