Friday, May 28, 2010

Inspired Work

©2010 Kimberly Santini

Kimberly Santini was inspired by Paper Paintings and she took it and ran with it. You can see that Kimberly has adapted her own "look" and created this fantastic colorful dog. Boy do I love color!

Kimberly toasted me with her OJ this morning because she just recently won the Mutt Lunch Winery label contest with this dog! How great is that, worth an OJ toast indeed.

Kimberly told me she's been following my blog and putting links on her blog as well as her FaceBook about my work. She thanked me for my regular inspiration and said she hopes to come to a workshop soon with a girlfriend. I'd love to meet her and thanks for the good press!

Kimberly does a dog a day, can you stand it? Come this summer, 2010, she will have painted her 1000th daily painting. Wow.


  1. What a beautiful painting!!!! Elizabeth, thank you for sharing not only your paintings but those of other artists; I really can't get enough of these! Still haven't tried my dog yet and after this one I'm not sure I could ever do it justice:) But I am having the most fun ever with collage--and I have you to thank!

  2. Sandy, you are quite welcome. I am happy to inspire! Yes, this is a lovely piece.

  3. Elizabeth, thanks so much for the shout out! and the inspiration, too.... enjoy your weekend! Kim

  4. Wow, she really did a fantastic job with this! And so nice that she has been inspired by you - who isn't?? :)

  5. Rhonda, she really did a fantastic job. I love the wild colors she chose! and good for her for getting on a wine bottle huh?


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