Monday, May 17, 2010

Jacksonville Workshop

©Aurore Brunet
Here is a wonderful piece completed at the Jacksonville Society of Mixed Media Artists Workshop I recently had the pleasure of teaching. Aurore Brunet is actually from the Orlando area, but I had never met her or her friend Clair who also took the workshop.

We had a nice time hanging out and having dinner on Saturday night!

Aurore's collage work really matches her mixed media style of work on her website, and she had hoped to avoid that! She wanted to try "Paper Painting" and come out with something totally different than her own style. It's hard to fight your heart and I told her that it's OK, go with it, embrace it. Why try to be something you are not?

Aurore is doing new work with encaustic now, and she and I both are trying to modify our color palette based on some 2011 design trends. Aurore said "I'm sick of my colors!" Ha ha, and I feel the same way.

I love this piece that she created!


  1. Elizabeth, it's SO fun to see how different artists respond to paper painting! Thank you for your generosity of spirit and for sharing your knowledge and techniques with such a wide circle of folks. MK Shaw, Sanford, FL

  2. It is fun to see how artists take it and make their OWN with their own style and subject matter, yes I agree!


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