Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lazy Afternoon Note Cards

Lazy Afternoon, 24x20, collage on panel ©St.Hilaire Nelson
This is one of my most recent and favorite cows! Currently on display at the Katharine Butler Gallery in Sarasota, the original is framed in reclaimed barn wood.

These cards are in a clear box with a stretchy silver ribbon/tie, they make a nice gift for yourself or a friend!


  1. I received my art cards (the peacock) today - fantastic! Love them so much, I'll have to keep a few back for myself and not send them :)

  2. Elizabeth, do you have the Blue Moon cards yet? I hope to be able to get some soon!

  3. Rhonda, or send them to yourself! LOL you can always get any of my work as a print. Email me if you are interested!

    Sandy, "Over the Moon" original SOLD, along with the companion "And The Cow Jumped" (two separate sales) I had the cards but they sold out locally before I could put them up online. I have ordered more. I will put them up when I get them. A week or so.


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