Friday, May 14, 2010

Inspiration From Farm Animals

People here in Florida often ask me "What is your inspiration for the cows and the roosters?" I usually tell them that I grew up in rural New England and leave it at that.

Lately I've been remembering the times my family used to pack up all the stale bread and "heels" and head to Southampton, MA to feed the farm animals at the side of the road. We went in all seasons, even in the snow! This was regular entertainment for us as children, a fun family outing.

I probably never thought that trips to feed the farm animals who RAN to the fence to greet us would stay with me into adulthood and provide inspiration for my collage art. I guess you never know what will stay with you from your childhood. Our parents tried to do things with us that we would enjoy in the moment, maybe never realizing the impact they would have. Although, I'm not sure my brothers are particularly fond of farm animals....

Pictured above, my brother Joe as a baby with my mother, Joe is now 25. The little guy at the fence is my brother Chris who is now 30! These photos were taken in 1985. Part of that proverbial "personal effects box" my father gave me a few years back... he keeps adding to it!


  1. Elizabeth, I grew up in rural Texas; I remember my grandmother's chicken pen, gathering eggs, and the rooster who chased me around the pen! When I retired, I returned to a rural area but it's not altogether the same. However, I have a neighbor who has chickens and the lady who grooms my cat has llamas!! I am taking photos of them for future collages--I think they are so cute! We have a miniature horse farm down the road and I think they would make cute collages, too. And of course COWS! So, there are things all about us of interest and fodder for art! I hope to start collaging some of those animals soon--just a little scared of them yet!!!

  2. So Sandy, you "get it" then! We had an alpaca farm around the corner from us, but we always called them llamas! we also had horse stables around the other way. People ask me about doing horses, but I don't love them.... Cows, I love! Don't be scared, just give it a try!


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