Thursday, October 14, 2010

In Addition to Art

The offician race results are in from the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon I ran with my husband two weekends ago! I'm happy to announce that I did pretty well for my first time running 13 miles, at night even!

I trained for 12 weeks and that really helped. By the end I was tired of running every day. I am used to triathlon training which mixes running with swimming and biking.

Considering I am the patient of three full open knee surgeries (no arthroscopy in those days), I am truly lucky to be able to do as much running as I do. My sister, a triathlete and runner, said to me, "Look at you go, I NEVER thought I'd see you RUN!"


  1. That's great, Elizabeth! You did the half marathon in an hour and four minutes less than it took me to do the Victoria half marathon on October 10 -- of course I am much older than you are...

  2. My son broke the bone between the knee and fibula when he was a senior in college. He had played ice hockey in high school and apparently the bone was weak. Luckily he did it in Austin and my brother who is a doctor recommended a doctor he had gone to medical school with. The doctor put artificial bone and the ligaments had to grow back. Luckily for my son, the ligaments grew around the artificial bone and he is able to walk normally. If it hadn't worked he would have had to have an artificial knee at 22.

  3. Wow, that is truly amazing. Modern medicine is amazing. The whole knee replacement is a possibility for me eventually as I have worn out a large portion of the cushioning between the bones. I never knew there was such a thing as artificial bone!

  4. Did you get to enjoy some wine (of the 'wine and dine') when you were done?

  5. Kathy, we thought we would, but it was after midnight by the time we were done and we were so sweaty and tired that we had a quick bite and headed home!


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