Friday, October 29, 2010

Random Cards of Kindness

Trick or Treat, 11x14, original fabric art, ©Libby Fife

In my efforts to procure art cards for Cherie, I have also benefitted. It has made me happy to receive all your requests for her address, to realize how many people are still willing to send a note to someone they don't even know.

Yesterday I received a super nice Halloween note card from Libby Fife (see her website here). Libby sent Cherie a note card and decided to send me one as well.

Here is what she said:
"Just writing to say thank you for all of your wonderful writing and views of your work on your blog. I do enjoy getting to see what you are working on. Hope your Halloween is a fun and safe one. Take care and thank you again"

How nice, I think Libby has truly made my day with her double act of kindness!

If you are interested in purchasing Libby's Halloween note cards, email her!

Cherie's family is looking at a possible move to Shepherd Center in Atlanta for rehabilitation. You may still email me for her sister's address to send your own Random Card of Kindness.


  1. Goodness! Thank you so much for such wonderful comments:) That really makes my day!

  2. It's simple karma coming around, Elizabeth. How could someone like you not benefit from the love and support you are giving Cheri - with your Cheering Cheri Club you have done a very good thing. Sending her healing thoughts and hoping Atlanta is a good place of her to continue to heal and stay strong.


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