Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Many Thanks to Marcia

Water Lily, in progress, 20x16

Marcia saw my work in the Silver Lining jewelry store in Ramsey, NJ. and was quite taken with the process of "Paper Painting." She contacted me via email and sent me some photos of her gorgeous newly remodeled guest bathroom, asking if I could create a one-of-a-kind piece of art especially to fit her space.

Lucky for me, Marcia's room was very neutral in color, so anything would match nicely. I sent her some photos of subject matter to choose from, originally I was thinking of New Jersey native botanicals but then I got to thinking about water lilies since it was for the bathroom. Marcia had expressed that she really liked my botanicals.

We decided on a photo of water lilies which I had cropped and manipulated in photoshop, and then I added more brown tones to it, to highlight the wood cabinetry in Marcia's room.

Water Lilies, 20x16, collage on panel

I shipped the finished work to Marcia only after taking it in to show the fifth graders at my neighborhood elementary school where I volunteer and give art and artist lessons. All the kids appreciated the fact that this piece can really be hung horizontal or vertical since the view point is from above.

Today Marcia called me and emailed me to let me know her piece had arrived safely:

"Hi Elizabeth, I just wanted to tell you that your art arrived and how much I love it! I'll send you a picture after I frame it and hang it. Now, I'm thinking of other walls in my house to purchase another piece of your art. I just love your work!! Thanks so much for creating this special piece for us! We will really enjoy it."

I have to say, testimonials are just the best. Thanks to Marcia for supporting the arts, and for taking the time to let me know how much she appreciated her piece.

I'll be waiting for the photo of her framed piece hung in her fantastic bathroom.


  1. Huh...I grew up in Ramsey, NJ. I have a mind to drive down tomorrow to see your painting in the store!

  2. What a beautiful and exciting piece! Glad to hear you have a happy client. Few things are better than working with a art-loving individual on a commission (and having it turn out wonderfully).


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