Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weekend in Sedona, AZ

This weekend I am in Sedona, AZ. My husband decided to take a photography workshop through the Sedona Arts Center and asked me if I'd like to tag along. During the day he will be shooting the rocks and canyons of this stunning part of the country, and I will be visiting art galleries and going on a studio tour of three local artists. 

Over two months ago when I found out I'd be coming here, I started scouting galleries online. I did a lot of research and sent a lot of emails with my contact information and a request for an appointment to look at my work and meet with me. Many gallery websites have submissions procedures right on their website.

While looking, I was informed that most galleries were not taking on new artists, they either responded and told me this, their website told me this, or they did not respond at all. This is something you are often faced with. I recently read a fantastic book that I highly recommend, Starving to Successful by Jason Horejs, a gallery director with over 17 years experience in the business. Jason's advice? Just show up at the gallery with a portfolio and ask for a minute of their time. He says don't make an appointment or try to set something up in advance, because more times than not you will get the brush off. He knows this because he does it! He gets tons of requests for portfolio reviews every month.

I did manage to secure a meeting with the director of a very reputable gallery here in Sedona and I am very much looking forward to meeting Joyice because we have had some great email conversations over the past two months leading up to my visit and she is a fan of my Paper Paintings.

Depending on how successful I am with Joyice, I may or may not have to take some of Jason's advice. He says to print out a portfolio of work and put it in to one of those black covers from the office supply store. My husband, who is the eternal source of excellent ideas, suggested I go one step further. He is the reason why I have just put my Collage Process Overview book into a paperback format! My husband said "Why bring them a typical portfolio when you have published your own book?" So I converted my hardcover book to paperback in order to make a more cost effective piece I could leave behind. (It is now more cost effective for you too!)

If all goes well with Joyice, I won't have to scout other galleries and I'll be able to enjoy my day seeing the sites and taking my artists studio tour with Tatia, who I have also been emailing for two months!


  1. Having seen your work in person, I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding a gallery in AZ!
    Good news for me, I am finally going to attend a workshop! I'm going to go to the one in Gainesville just before Thanksgiving. The bad news? I am absolutely not an artist. Can't draw, but can't help myself - I still WANT to.... So prepare yourself for an apple that I will claim is an 'abstract'! I'm very excited to finally be able to do this... maybe I will even make some paper before i come!

  2. Great ideas along with a fantastic weekend of creative ideas and action.

    Your ideas are good for anyone! I am writing to a nationally celebrated poet I met a month ago. She might suggest some doors for me knock as a result of what I attach to my words. At the least I believe she will be a supporter of my work and the outcomes.

    Enjoy every moment ---- look forward to words about results!

  3. Kristy, you do not need to be an artist to come out and tear paper and have fun. You will absolutely enjoy the company of others in the class and the relaxation and joy that making art can bring. There is a reason why we have "art therapy" and why people spend a lot of money on something that just "calls to them" Make some paper before you come, a good idea. Make a day of it, go outside and splatter and have fun.

    ME networking is totally a big part of success, learn from the advice and experience of others and never be surprised by the generosity of others in pointing you in the right direction or making a good recommendation, people are good at heart.


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