Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Music Collages

Sneak Peek

Jazz Singer | 18x24 | collage on panel

I will be posting some work in progress and some sneak peeks of the stuff I am doing for the BIG Music show next September at Maitland Art Center here in Florida. 35-40 pieces and I am still looking for ideas and inspiration as to what visually represents music to you! If you have a minute, comment and tell me what you think of visually when you think about music!


  1. WOW! W-O-W! WOW!!!!

    How beautiful!!!!

  2. You started this series with a BANG!!! WOW! Love it!
    (My word verification for today was funked!! How about that for your next collage-painting? We here in the Cincinnati area have Bootsy Collins, our funkmeister extraordinaire! haha)

  3. Funkmeister, I like it. I think I can work with that. "Bring on da Funk!" I was a HUGE Prince fan in the 80's, can you tell? THANKS for your kind words. :)


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