Friday, February 19, 2010

Both Before Breakfast

First Two Peacocks Completed
Here are the first two peacocks collaged. I was up at 5am this morning and got these done by breakfast! Sometimes feeling the pressure of a deadline does not let you sleep. I was happy to work on these in the quiet morning with my dogs and my coffee. Even in Florida, I had to turn on my space heater in the studio!


  1. Your are really inspiring, the way you get things done! These are beautiful!

  2. Sandy, thanks! I love doing the peacocks, I've done enough of them to be able to do them efficiently. I've gotten very good at choosing my papers and making the eye look very inviting. the trick is the highlight. :)

  3. Reminds me of Arnold's word: girly men. Peacocks have such outrageous plummage while the hens get overlooked by everyone.
    I love these two guys. You are onto something... again!
    I know about the working strange hours when inspiration hits. It's a good feeling.

  4. Jo, I have a female in the mix of the eight, she's cute, very small head and big eye, not a lot of color. We always get overlooked huh?


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