Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dressing Room Project

Peacock Series #3
Well the Dance Competition weekend was a success in many ways. My daughter Emilie and her friends won several awards for their dances, and she even got to go up and receive the plaque for "Stars and Stripes" a very sweet ballet production.

In between dances in the dressing room, I was working away on my peacock series. There is always downtime in the dressing room throughout the day, and I was prepared for it. I brought my panels already under-painted (see older post) and ready for collage. I divided my papers by color in gallon ziplock bags and put them all into a tote bag with the under-paintings, a water vessel, a roll of paper towel, a small container of gloss gel medium, and a #8 filbert synthetic brush.

I worked on my peacocks between dances and I managed to complete three of them throughout the day. Now, this would have been much more productive at home in the studio, because this day was from 9:30am to 6:30 pm. I am very happy with being able to watch all the dances and awards as well as come home with my three pieces ready to be varnished.


  1. Love this one the best so far....it is the color of my bedroom and bath. Your so talented and inspiring. Sounds like your girl had a great day dancing.

  2. Elisa, thanks! we did have a great dancing weekend, long drive back to Orlando from Ft. Lauderdale on Sunday night though.

  3. I love your peacocks, and am very impressed with your ability to take advantage of down time to get your work done!!

  4. Thanks, I was well prepared, so it was easy for me to do. Now i'm just waiting for the frames!

  5. Way to go Emilie!
    And of course...look at you go!!!!

  6. Jessica, thanks so much for the encouragement!


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