Thursday, February 11, 2010

On The Paper Trail

Collage Papers for a Cause
I came across a blog by a woman named Ophelia by way of my good friend and fellow collage artist Jo Reimer. Ophelia is selling collage paper packs to help her neighbor who is in some serious financial difficulty. I chatted with Ophelia for a bit and she told me the papers are all painted with Golden and Matisse Fluid Acrylics. So, I purchased two packs. I received them in the mail yesterday and they are gorgeous!

If you are collaging with hand painted papers, the best thing you can do is swap and share papers with other artists! You get a range of colors, textures, and patterns that you may not have created on your own. Ophelia has included some very neat sheet music, painted book pages, and stamped textures in my packs

Here is the link to the specific post for the paper packets. She has other items she is selling to benefit her neighbor as well, if you do a little looking around you might find something you like!

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