Thursday, February 11, 2010

Interpreting Music

Old Mother Hubbard, Went to the Cuppboard  |  20x24
Rather than do 35 collages of musical instruments and singers, I'm trying to stretch my visual interpretation of music. I went back to one of my favorite sources for collage materials, my old 1970's Nursery Rhyme book I had as a kid.

Did you know that the rhyme "Old Mother Hubbard" had two or three pages of verses? It provided a wealth of yellow and black illustrations and text for my yellow lab collage. When you think about it, all musical lyrics are basically poems and rhymes, so this dog seemed fitting to me.

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  1. You are amazing, my friend. I love the dog, the peacock head, the goat, and the cow.... did I miss one? They're all so appealing, perhaps because I'm a recovering farm girl. The dog reminds me of my golden retriever and the cows... my father had a large herd of beef cattle when I was growing up and I always thought their faces were so beautiful. Those naive ladies had no idea they were heading for eventual dinner tables. Now there's a juxtaposition of images for you! Dads cattle were mostly red and white but I think the holsteins are a much better contrast to your bright colors. Now how did I get on that rabbit trail? Perhaps because your images are always stories and they cause us to remember our own stories. No wonder your peacocks sell so well in Florida!

  2. Jo, thanks for so many kind words. I do not think I could juxtapose dinner and cows. yuck. I do not want to think of those eyes and that bovine on my dinner plate! I am from rural New England, so I'm familiar with all those animals too. I do love bright colors and high contrast. LOL Bringing your own stories to the art is what makes it special. For some reason folks like those peacocks. it's 3:30 and I've still not been to HD to get my wood, going to have to be a weekend project I guess!

  3. Precious, precious dog - The eyes are just amazing and really look like my guy at home! You've got the gift!

  4. Jennifer, if I got it right I know it because you have a lab and you love the work. thanks so much for letting me know that it looks like it is supposed to!

  5. Jo, dinner and big bovine faces, not much of a juxtaposition! ha ha. I love them too, around them a lot growing up in Rural New England. I am glad they bring stories to your mind and your heart, that means I did my job!


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