Thursday, February 11, 2010


A New Series
Promise the Peacock | 12x12
I have been asked by the Grand Bohemian Gallery in Downtown Orlando to produce a series of peacock heads. They have been selling the peacock collages every time I make one for them and they felt that a series displayed together would be very successful.

I'm going to get my wood at Home Depot this afternoon for these, cut to 10x12 and will be asking Owen Tomlin, my frame maker in Kentucky, to craft me some more refined barn wood frames for me.

Stay tuned, I'll post the Peacock Paper Paintings soon. Next weekend my daughter is in a dance competition in Fort Lauderdale. Anyone who has been to these events knows there is a lot of down time for the parents, my goal is to go there with under-paintings and a bag of paper and a tub of glue! Small format will allow me to sit in the dressing room and work on my lap. We'll see how it goes.

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