Thursday, February 18, 2010

Peacocks in Progress

Eight 10x12s
A week or so ago I blogged about the fact that the Grand Bohemian Gallery which represents my work in Orlando, Asheville, Savannah and Taos, had asked me to do a series of peacock heads for them.

I have made some progress with the stages prior to collage and wanted to share this process with you.
  1. Sketching on sanded wood panel primed with either Golden GAC-100 or Liquitex Clear Gesso
  2. Painting backgrounds with drips and spots that are interesting and colorful, these painted backgrounds will stay behind the collaged peacocks
  3. Under-painting the peacocks to prepare for collage on top


  1. I cannot wait to see how these turn out. I love peacocks and have some feathers in my master bath. We used that theme for my
    25th anniversary. Your work is so inspiring to me. Have a blessed day.

  2. Well Thanks Elisa! I love them too, my very first tattoo when I was about 19 was a peacock. Which reminds me, that could really use some touching up!

  3. Elizabeth, thanks for sharing your work process. Doing backgrounds is my weak point and it helps to see what you do. I'm not a painter so I'm always at a loss as to how to begin. I love the peacocks--can't wait to see how they come out!

  4. These are great! I was at Grand Bohemian just last night!

  5. Was anything good going on at Bohemian last night? I miss you. what's new? how's things? LOL just email me.


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