Monday, March 1, 2010

DVD Inspired Work

Rhonda Carpenter
Rhonda Carpenter sent me her first "Paper Painting" of a crow today. I had suggested she try adding some blue and purple in the feathers to add more variety than just black. Rhonda did a great job.

She asked me about tearing vs. cutting the paper for the tiny details like the eye. I told her that I never cut any of my papers, I always tear. However, you should do what works for you! I tear because I want each paper "brush stroke" to have natural edges.

Rhonda was also successful in staying within her value structure. Her sky is light, her ground is medium, and her bird is dark, this helps to separate each element of the composition.

Check out Rhonda's progression on this crow on her blog.


  1. WOW! YOu two are so talented. That is great.

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  3. Thanks, Elizabeth, for the behind-the-scenes suggestions and help along the way. This was easier than I expected and I'm glad I finally stopped procrastinating and just did it - fun, calming, interesting and so many more things to learn with my next one :)


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