Monday, March 22, 2010

NAVIO Artisans Collective Show

New Bedford, MA
NAVIO Artisans Collective invited me to show in their gallery as featured artist for the month of April. The show opens April 3, Saturday night, 6-9pm. I'll be there wearing my art as a paper skirt, so if you live nearby, please come out and say hello!

It just so happens that NAVIO was started by a group of artists including Charlie Barmonde, a potter who is in the Katharine Butler Gallery in Sarasota with me. Charlie invited me to show with them in April. It's a small world, because I am originally from Massachusetts.

I am going to go up and spend the weekend with my sister in Boston, which is about an hour away from the gallery in New Bedford. I've sent them 10 new pieces of work, never shown before. Let's hope the show is a success!


  1. Um it will be anything less than successful???????

  2. Jessica, I just spent a fortune shipping! I'm flying up and staying, and EATING let's hope I sell something!! LOL


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