Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Hardcover Process Book

You Asked For It!
Since I created my first book, which was more or less a portfolio of work, people have asked me if I would consider writing an instructional book. I am happy to say that the book is now available.

This is a "print on demand" book in bookstore quality hardcover. Print on demand means that there is no upfront inventory, they print the book as they are ordered.

I have tried to include every step of my process in this book, I have covered painting your own collage papers, application, and final preparation. This book has professional photography as well as resources for supplies.

This book goes into a little more depth than the DVD, simply because it's all written out in an easy to read, professionally designed format.

Click here for purchase information.


  1. Elizabeth, I am so excited to see you have a book! I tried to preview but can't get it to work for me yet, I'll keep trying!

  2. OOPS! apparently I have to create a preview for the book. I am doing that now. check back. :)


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