Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Treasure from Jessica

Flea Markets and Garage Sales
Much thanks to Jessica, who taught BOTH of my kids kindergarten. She has the time to scour garage sales and flea markets, something I just cannot do. Check out this GREAT book!

Jessica took my Altamonte Springs workshop a month or so ago. I told the students about my "Music" series I am working on for the solo exhibition in September at the Maitland Art Center. She immediately started digging through her mixed media stash of treasures to see if she had some music themed things for me. So Sweet! Jessica brought me this book she purchased at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago and it's wonderful!

Also, Jessica has brought me amazing stamps, books about dogs and a mouse who makes music. What more could a collage artist ask for? I am so very thankful for all the people in my life who send me things to use in collage. Where would I be without all the people who are so giving?

Thanks Jessica!


  1. The idea of using old books for collage is just the BEST. I HAVE to get over for a lesson with you soon. Is there anything happening before May 15 Elizabeth?
    I am in the throes of moving right now but between April 15 and May 15, things "should" slow down a little bit. Of course if I tell my hubby that I am now collecting old books to tear up he'll probably glaze over. Just what we need...more stuff! Hahahaha.I can't wait for your music theme to emerge.

  2. Ginny, I have a 2-Day workshop in Jacksonville May 1/2 that still has open slots, we currently have 10 signed up. Look on the right hand side of my blog close to the top for the link. The books are a WONDERFUL way to sneak related materials into your work. Garage Sales, Flea Markets and "Friends of the Library" are all good places to look.

  3. Oh how cool! I am so glad you can use these things!
    I got a book this weekend that is all about the cow jumping over the moon! I have a few things in my backseat of my car for you too! Nursery rhymes(3) and that mag with the guitar I told you about!
    Fun Fun Fun!
    I love the friends of the library. I have picked up some of the most amazing books for my me an excuse to look for some fun books too!

  4. Jumping over the moon????? that might have to be a SERIES for me. I love cows and Nursery Rhymes. You are too good to me! Friends of the Library is great.

  5. hi, elizabeth! i have this exact same book. i bought it at an estate auction a couple of years ago. the auction was such a great treasure trove. i scored a whole of box of vintage sheet music for $11! i'm enjoying seeing your music series. enjoy the book!

  6. Julie, I spoke of this book at my opening over the weekend in New Bedford Mass and the gallery director there said he remembered having it as a kid and it was his favorite book! WOW where was I for all of this? I totally do not know this book, I have not been able to get together with Jessica yet but.... Now I am intrigued!


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