Friday, March 26, 2010

Ellen Lindner's Fab Fiber Art

Cosmo Duet 2
© Ellen Lindner

Last summer I had the opportunity to have lunch with Ellen Lindner, a quilter who lives in Melbourne, FL about an hour and a half from me in Orlando. We shared information about teaching, marketing, and showing our art. Ellen has experienced much success with her quilting classes, teaching near and afar! These "quilts" are really works of fiber art, they are amazing and wonderful. Please check out her website.

Ellen and I decided to do a commissioned trade. She was really interested in my work because we basically do the same thing! She uses fiber and I use paper. In fact, Ellen's even got some fiber art that is glued and not sewn.

I made a cupcake for Ellen and she made "Cosmo Duet 2" for me. I can't tell you how much I LOVE this art! Both pieces are 12x12, Ellen did a blog entry about our trade and she said she's going to redecorate her kitchen around the colors in the cupcake collage! WOW. I told her my husband would probably not go for a hot pink kitchen.

Check out Ellen's blog, you might even want to subscribe, I did!


  1. Man that is awesome. I love to paint with papers. I haven't done any fiber art before. Looks great.

  2. I love your swap! There are beautiful colour combinations here in this fabric piece and your cupcake is a truly scrumptious melange of texture and colour!

  3. ooooh, what great colors in her work - thanks for sharing it!

    it looks like you've been busy and i'm so glad to see you are having so many workshops. you are a wonderful instructor!

  4. Art Girl, I knew you would appreciate Ellen's work, it's fantastic! Tara, isn't it awesome? This one is sewed but she does some where she simply glues. It was a great swap, wasn't it Caroline? How often doe that work out as perfectly as it did? THANKS about the cupcake.


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