Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Seeing Double

Birch Bark 1 and 2 | collage with acrylic on boxed wood panel
©St. Hilaire Nelson | click image to enlarge

This morning I wondered about my triptych that I inadvertently split up by sending the nest panel of Hope I, II, and III off to a show at the Quinlan Visual Arts Center in Georgia. This piece, Birch Bark 1 and 2, I think I will keep together when I show it at the Gateway Center for the Arts as part of "Paper Capers" a five person show in June. I'm not sure if that's the right decision or not, so I'm going to keep my mind open for your comments and suggestions. This diptych is a piece where each could stand on their own more that the three-part bird's nest triptych in the previous post.

My thought on this one was to create the striped feeling of birch bark with sheet music and black and white book illustrations and text. The backgrounds are painting in acrylic and the birch trees are collage. Silver birch trees have bark that very much resembles paper, I can remember peeling it as a kid growing up in New England and marveling at the fact that Native Americans made canoes from it! Recently on my trip to Québec in January, I was very happy to see many birch trees  on our taxi ride from the airport.

So what do you think? Price them as one and not separate these two? or price them separately and let the collector decide?


  1. I like these a lot. We don't have many birches around here. As for selling them you could go either way. They'd be stunning together, more so than separately, perhaps. You could price them separately for a slightly higher price and have a different price for the set.
    I've always thought a triptch counts as one piece in 3 parts... sort of like God... LOL

  2. I enlarged these to enjoy the visual effect of the print and photos. Birch bark abounds at our north woods Wisconsin cabin so I felt right at home. This is SO cleverly done. As to two or one. I think you should price them separately. They can stand alone.

  3. Jo, you are so funny.... GOD. A price for both and a price for each sounds like a good idea, since they do stand alone. Thanks, I think that sounds perfect. We do not have any silver birch trees here in Florida either, I love to paint things that remind me of my youth growing up in New England. So many things I took for granted in that amazingly beautiful part of the country. Ginny, I'm glad I put a good quality photo on here so that we could really see the detail in enlargement! I was inspired by sheet music, it reminded me of the horizontal tick lines in the birch bark itself. I think Jo hit the nail on the head with two sets of prices, two options!

  4. Hi Elizabeth,
    Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your fantastic DVD! Thanks so much for your generosity in sharing your process--it really is fascinating & very inspiring. Very well produced, too.
    I am slowly reading through your wonderful blog. These birches are beautiful--I clicked to enlarge them, too, and am just in awe of what you have accomplished here~~

  5. Oh, these are something different! I love birch trees - very tactile. I love the colours you've used as the background and that sheet music works so well for the textures. Note to self, must make time for trying your technique!! You are so inspiring!

  6. thanks for all your kind words! I really had fun creating the feeling of birch bark with black and white printed materials. Caroline, do you have my DVD? it will help you if you truly want to give it a whirl!


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