Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Florida Museum for Women Artists

Birds of a Feather, 15x15, 2008 ©Maggie Taylor

Over the weekend I went up to DeLand, FL to visit the Florida Museum for Women Artists, this wonderful museum is 7,000 square feet of newly remodeled space upstairs in the historic Fish Building. The mission of the museum is to promote women artists and to educate the public about women in the arts.

The current exhibition is a collection of work called "Almost Alice: New Illustrations of Wonderland by Maggie Taylor" it's open through May 2 and I'd highly recommend it.

Ms. Taylor has 45 inkjet prints on display, illustrating Lewis Carrol's famous literary work. The prints are composite images that usually begin with an original photographic portrait - often a daguerreotype or tintype from the mid-19th century. She then uses 21st century digital processes and Photoshop montage techniques to layer multiple images and create the final prints. All the pieces are quite surreal in that they are photographic, yet illustrative, real, yet not real.

I enjoyed the show and especially enjoyed the space. The staff was friendly and helpful and the gallery is beautiful. If you live nearby, you might check out this wonderful show before May 2!

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