Friday, April 30, 2010

Dressing Room Project

I know I showed photos of me working amidst the chaos of the girls dance dressing room in Fort Lauderdale, but I thought you might like to see the pieces that I created!

All three are 12x12 on "gallery wrapped" or boxed wood panel.


  1. I love these, Elizabeth. You just keep getting better and better! The rooster is my favorite, but then I have a thing for white roosters.

  2. That in that environment you managed to create at all is quite something but to come up with these three beauties is fantastic! All are superb - I do like the way you've included a little chicken and eggs in your rooster collage.

  3. I'm coming to your blog via my friend Rhonda C. who loves your work and will be taking your fall workshop. I love the rooster (and collect all things chicken!). Cannot imagine working in such a cramped space with all that confusion and getting artwork completed; I'd have been covered in glue and tiny bits of paper! You are an amazing artist AND mother - hope your daughter appreciates you!

  4. Well, I was pretty much covered with glue and paper! Ha ha! Yes, a nest and chicken found their way into my rooster collage, hidden gems. Thanks for all your kind words! Some of the other moms were saying I earned the award for making the most of my dressing room down time! We had a great dance weekend. I was really happy to see my daughter have the confidence and talent to do a solo!


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