Wednesday, April 7, 2010

NAVIO Artisans Collective Show

Connecting with a Collage Artist
The opening of my show at NAVIO Artisans Collective on April 3 was great, the gallery had a wonderful spread of wine and cheese, crackers and snacks. They were well attended and the area around the gallery had such charm! They sit on a cobble stone street just up from the New Bedford Whaling Museum. My Dad informed me that he  used to go to New Bedford a lot when he was younger, selling insurance. He said he bought my mother a lot of scrimshaw jewelry there.

I was surprised to meet up with Wanda Edwards (pictured in photo) at NAVIO, a fellow collage artist and someone who has followed me on my blog for a while. She did not tell me she was coming and she really challenged my short term memory! But when we started talking about the fact that she goes by "Wonder Wanda" on her blog, it all came back to me.

My family was wonderful to me as well. My Aunt and Uncle and cousin Jennifer attended the opening all the way from Maine and my Cousin Mark and his wife Jennifer came up from Cape Cod to see me and my fabulous sister at the gallery opening. My fabulous sister drove into Boston to spend Easter weekend with me. Not only did she pick me up from the airport and take me to New Bedford and back, but she was an awesome shopping and art gallery companion on Newbury Street on Saturday, we had a blast!

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is also located in New Bedford, the MFA students are exhibiting their work there now, which brings out more art lovers.

If you are anywhere near New Bedford, you might like to join them for their AHA! (Art, History & Architecture) collaborative cultural night with 61 downtown venue partners this week and every second Thursday of the month. NAVIO has asked me to stay on with a few pieces of work there after the April show.


  1. Ginny, it was fun meeting Wanda and just being there for the show!

  2. Elizabeth, it was lovely to meet you last week. Having only visited each other via blogs previously, it's always nice to get a chance to meet with a fellow artist in person.
    The opening was quite nice and it was a treat to learn of another new gallery in my area that would be nice to visit again in the future. Hope you do well there.


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