Monday, January 4, 2010

Completed Rooster

Un Petit Coq | 24x20 | collage on panel
Here is the completed rooster, I am quite pleased with it. After my husband took a professional photo of the art, (always document your artwork) I packaged it up and sent it to Gerri who will frame it and make it look fantastic in her gallery.

You can see from the photos here that my process includes a rough sketch on wood panel sealed with clear GAC-100 from Golden, an loose underpainting with Golden Fluid Acrylics, and collage on top with Liquitex Gloss Gel Medium for the glue.

Paper Paintings work best with one large point of focus and simple backgrounds. I like the large point of focus because collage can be a very busy medium, and a large subject helps to simplify things.


  1. Elizabeth talk to me about framing.
    Do you put Mr. Rooster under glass?
    Is he matted in any way?
    I am almost finished with "Teddies Over the Top" see my blog post from a day or so ago. But am thinking now, how do I frame this?
    I can't believe how fast you got this one done!!!
    He's super.

  2. Ginny, I do not put Mr. Rooster under glass. I varnish him with two coats of UV protective varnish and I frame him right to the edges (no matting) like a Painting, after all he's a Paper Painting and I feel he's very painterly, so I treat him as such. He's going unframed to Gerri, she will put him in fancy molding that I cannot afford! Working on wood panel makes it easy to frame as well, I do not use any backing material, just put the wood in the same way you would a canvas. I work fast, I like to keep an impressionistic style, and working fast helps me to achieve the painterly feeling that I want.

  3. Thanks Elizabeth.
    That is good.
    I love framing without glass!!!
    No glare, no breaking scratching, etc.

  4. Mr. Cock of the Walk is so beautiful! No wonder he's strutting his stuff there in the barnyard with that certain twinkle in his eye.
    He's wonderful!

  5. Jo, may I use "Coq of the Walk" as a title for one of my next roosters? do you mind? I LOVE it!


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