Friday, January 15, 2010


Next Workshop, Altamonte Springs
Judy Segall and I are doing the two day paper making and paper collage workshop again at her studio in Altamonte Springs. If you are interested, there is one more week to sign up, click here for the PDF registration and information form.

If you are interested in workshops, keep an eye on the right hand bar of this blog, underneath where it says Upcoming Workshops, I've just added one in Atlanta in July that should be tons of fun at Binders Art Supply which is an amazing art store, I could spend hours in there, and tons of money!

Atlanta Workshop Dates:
The Art School at Binders
July 16/17/18 

Jacksonville Workshop Dates:
Society of Mixed Media Artists soMMA
May 1/2

Asheville Workshop Dates:
Grand Bohemian Gallery
May 22/23

Amelia Island Workshop Dates:
October 8-10
Amelia Island Artists Workshop, Inc.

If you do not see complete details at any of these links, it just means that they have not got things posted as of yet, check back later or check with me. I'd love to meet fellow collage artists!


  1. You know its Florida when everyone in the picture is wearing sandals. Count your blessings! Here in Oregon it's in the mid 40s, gray skies and rain. I must paint this afternoon to add some color to my otherwise dreary day. Wish I could be there to play with you.

  2. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Seriously...I just picked up cloth paper scissors in Ocala as I was visiting my inlaws this weekend and wanted something interesting to read as I relaxed and enjoyed their hospitality. As I perused the magazine, I thought to myself...I need to take Mrs. Nelson's art class next time she is out at deland. THEN, I am looking through the magazine a second time and I came across HEARTS WITH A MESSAGE and I double looked because I saw Orlando on it. I read the name closer and it was you!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I am such a mixed media junkie...collecting yumminess all the time to use on my art! Scrabble kill for! I buy up scrabble games a dollar a piece just for the letters! hehehe
    I must say I am so excited to see your work published!
    (aka C and E's kindergarten teacher)

  3. Jessica, thanks for stopping by my blog. I don't see your email address in your profile, so I hope you'll stop back and see this note. I am glad you found me in CPS, I'm actually going to have my studio featured in their upcoming CPS STUDIOS Spring issue. I have two pages, so look for me! I buy Scrabble® tiles on eBay! I have actually also had a feature article in CPS last year. I love that mag. I am glad you like my work, I have been really working and promoting my fine art for several years. I am in a couple of galleries here in Orlando and nationally. Thanks for your compliments!

  4. Jo, we wear flip flops all year round! LOL I would NOT want to be in Oregon, that reminds me of Syracuse, 40's, gray, rain, yuck. :)

  5. Elizabeth,
    I am going to sign up for your class in altamonte.
    I need to call today and make sure they are not full.
    I am sure your studio is amazing!!! Look forward to seeing it!
    You have done a magnificent job getting out there! I remember your Thomas Edison work way back when! Who knew you would become a household name...wait wait wait...with your talent it is no wonder you are becoming a household name.
    Cant wait to see you soon!


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