Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mosaic Mania

Patricia Rockwood, Blue Nymph
Patricia Rockwood is someone I met at the Katharine Butler Gallery in Sarasota. She contacted me saying she admired my work, when I visited HER website I have to tell you that I am in awe of her work!

The KB gallery recently hosted a Gallery Artists Invitational where gallery artists such as myself, would invite other artists they know to participate in a one month invitational at the Katharine Butler Gallery.

I invited Patricia, and Chris Falk the director was really taken with her work. Patricia's mosaic work is amazing, you really must visit her website to see her installations!

I received great news over the weekend, one of Patricia's pieces from the show had sold! What an ego booster for an artist, to sell her work, to be worthy of a sale. You see Patricia? I knew it all along. Congrats!


  1. Hey Elizabeth! Thanks for swinging by the Gauche Alchemy blog and leaving a comment. Of course, we adore your work - it's always nice to have some mutual admiration. ;) Sounds like you're a busy lady, out there with your art, getting seen. So exciting! I clicked on your book link, but it was dead... what is it called? I'm sure it's on Amazon?

  2. Any, I clicked on the book link and it's working just fine. strange. try it again. it's not AMAZON it's which is on demand publishing, self publishing. very neat concept. they only print copies as they are ordered, so no up front costs to me. That's good! You are welcome, I love your blog and it's nice to see you here!

  3. For beautiful mosaics, check out Irina Charny. I'm in total amazement of her artistry.


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