Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Progression

Is Bigger Better?
Cow Bell | 24x30 | collage on panel

This piece was done on an American Easel Wood Painting Panel  I decided to try the largest size they make. Usually I limit myself to 20x24 on my own flat wood panels from Home Depot, due to the fact that larger size requires the wood to be cross braced to prevent warping. I ordered the boxed out wood panel wondering if they would cross brace it, and guess what? they did not. The box helps to keep the panel straight and the edges are finished just as nicely as the panel. I am experimenting with this "gallery wrapped" look in lieu of framing.

This was a big project, the wood was big and the cow was big and the bell was even bigger! It was fun, I tried to keep my ripping loose and free, tearing some larger shapes than usual since all my details were much larger. The green dripping paint ended up running down the easel and into the grout of my studio floor, so Cow Bell has had a permanent effect!

I'm not sure I'll continue to work this big, it does become a storage issue, AND the last Dick Blick catalog did NOT list this size panel, their largest was only 20x24. Availability, perhaps?


  1. Tell me about the little circular lines under his eye...very effective. Did you add these or did you find something with those lines on it from a printed page?
    I like him a lot but would NEVER tackle anything that big. 11 x 14 is my limit on paper painting! I wonder if that little pineapple I've been blogging about might be good subject matter? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Ginny, the paper has concentric yellow on yellow circles and they do work well for rounded areas. I used them on some coconuts and they helped to really give the feeling of roundness. I can't remember where I got it though! when it's gone, it's gone!!

  3. That is a large collage piece! A very handsome bossy...but I was sure I'd find the words "moo" somewhere in there?

  4. LOL! I'll take your word for it, Elizabeth, as I've looked closely and still don't see it but...I do need a new eyecheck so maybe that's it :) Anyway, love the moos of all kinds that you do.


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