Monday, January 4, 2010

DVD Inspired Work

Elizabeth Parsons
Elizabeth sent me these wonderful tea cups that she did after viewing the DVD. I think her "shine" is just perfect and it really gives me a sense of porcelain, it really reads "coffee cup" to me. I also LOVE her very subtle shadow on the green ground, just a little bit of darker green pieces with an undefined edge, perfect!

Here's what she had to say about the DVD:

 I first saw your work in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and loved your technique/process and wanted to know more, so I purchased your DVD. I had great fun making this piece- it reminded me of putting together a puzzle. The DVD was clear and helpful- gave me the details I needed to continue from the article.

Thanks for sharing your process/technique!


  1. Do you think she added the highlights on the cup with gesso or paint? Or was that a bit of collage paper in a lighter tone. Getting soft edges is hard for me!

  2. she may have embellished a little with gesso or paint, but I definately see white paper bits in there. sometimes adding a white tissue with fiber on top can give you the feeling of soft edges and highlight!

  3. I did embellish with a little paint to get the 'shine' on the cups!

  4. This is gorgeous!! So interesting but not overwheming with the collage at all.


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