Monday, January 11, 2010

Student Work

Michelle, Childhood Self Portrait
20x16 | collage on panel

Recently I made a presentation to the advanced art students at Lake Brantley High School in Longwood, Florida. I spoke to them about my collage process, as well as marketing yourself and how you can apply that to getting into art schools and colleges.

We talked about taking one of your best works of art and making a self promotional postcard, printing online with I explained to the students that following up is essential in marketing yourself and your artwork. Admissions officers would take notice of a follow-up note card or postcard with original artwork. We talked about ways to make yourself stand out from the rest.

I also stressed the importance of reliability to the students, meeting deadlines, following through, delivering work that is gallery ready, and delivering it on time. This also translates to college applications, be neat, be on time and be thorough!

Michelle worked very hard on this class project where she had to do her own piece of art in the style of an artist she admired. I was very flattered to know that she chose my style, and me as her artist of admiration! Michelle is a friend of the family, she has babysat for my kids and our relationship made it all the more special. I talked her through the process and gave her a wood panel and a scrap bag of papers so she could hit the ground running. I think she did a great job working from a preschool photo of herself in black and white!

This weekend I varnished and framed her artwork for her in my studio (with the space heater on full blast! it's cold her in Florida) She should be proud of this piece and the grade she received on it, A!

Way to go Michelle, I hope you will consider exploring the Paper Painting process more in the future, this is a wonderful first piece. I think she deserves a copy of the DVD for her efforts!

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  1. What a wonderful experience you gave these students. What you did with your nurturing creative words of advice and your encouragement of their artistic endeavors is inspiring. Maybe some of us whose creative expressions are along different avenues can translate your experience into our work with growing young students. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing this great story!


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