Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Starbucks Bags Anyone?

Starbucks has Changed Their Bags!
This is terrible, I thought it was just for the holidays that they introduced this very garish green on BOTH sides of the bag. (It's like turquoise, but not quite...) But it seems this bag is here to stay! I am not sure what is on their BIG sized bag, but I think it's the same :(

Does anyone have any of the old bags with the beautiful brown and grassy green sides? Does anyone know if they are gone forever and ever? Does anyone know anyone who works for Starbucks???? These bags were a staple in my collage supplies, if you linger with any of my collages, you will find tidbits of these bags.

I'm having withdrawal, can anyone help??


  1. Contact Starbucks to see if they have any left they'd give or sell you and tell them what you do. Enclose a picture of one of your coffee cup collages and see what happens.

  2. Funny you should mention that. Starbucks is like a FORTRESS, there is no contacting them unless you mail them a letter. I am not kidding you. I wanted to send them some of my artwork utilizing the bags and all I could get was a PO box in Seattle!

  3. So write them a real letter. Folks in Seattle are really nice! Get a bright colored envelope for your letter, one that is a major attention getter and that stands out on a desk, and put your letter in that along with some of your postcards and whatever giveaways you have around, including a piece with several of your coffee related works. You can do this... and maybe make a sale!

  4. OK Jo, I'll give it a try. I did send them my artwork and a letter a while back, I have not heard anything, but I did not get my hopes up. I have so much going on now it's kinda crazy. :)

  5. I FOUND ONE!!! I was looking for something else in my major mess of a spare room fondly named the Junk Room and I found one big bag.

    Granted it's only one but it's yours! Do you want to email me your address?



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