Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cherie's Progress

Cherie visits me at college, 1986

I visited Cherie today and I'm happy to say that when I got in the room I HEARD her say "Oh, Hi!" Actually with her own voice. She has been doing 2+ hours at a time off the ventilator lately, with a speech collar in place so that she can use her voice and be heard. She asked the nurse's to set her up so that when I got there, she could talk.

I nearly cried, I have not heard her say anything since September, and to actually be able to talk back and forth with her was wonderful.

One of the things she told me in about an hour of speaking was "I am getting so many nice cards, EVERY single day. I want so badly to tell you something to write on your blog, to thank people." She was too tired to dictate today, but I told her next week we will see how she feels. Stay tuned for that!

She told me a story of a a card she received from a woman who told her she had bought it years and years ago and saved it, she loved it so much. This week, she sent it to Cherie. Thank you all so much for your kindness and generosity.

She told me that yesterday she called her brother Rich, and actually told him on the phone, "Happy Birthday" He cried. Wouldn't you?

Rich lives in Colorado and since the accident has made two trips back and forth to Florida. Since Cherie's father died, Rich has tried to be her protector in this ordeal. He has quite a heavy burden on his heart and mind.


  1. Tears! Doesn't it just give you faith in humanity?

    Cherie is one strong lady! Glad to hear she is progressing. :)

    Sweet story about the card.

  2. Cheryl, we talked about that actually. I told her that I truly felt that people were GOOD at heart and wanted to reach out to help others. She agreed, that was when she told me about the card that had been saved. She is so thrilled with all the notes and cards, she mentions it every week!

  3. Well, *that* made me tear up. You are a wonderful, strong friend. My best to you and Cherie and all those who love her.

  4. God Bless Cherie's brother Rich for taking care of his sis, wish he could be there with her more. I have bought cards and saved them before too. It makes me tear up too to read about Cherie's words to you, that is wonderful. She is making good progress. You are a very good friend Elizabeth! Thanks for sharing this story with us.

  5. This is such good news. I hope, every week or so she makes these strides forward and we can share in the joy of everyone who cares about her!!

  6. Off to visit her again tomorrow and we wre hoping she makes it to GA for rehab this week, fingers crossed. But not until Thursday....

  7. my friend.. cherie stannard has been offline from a game we both play called second life since september 29th. i have emailed her repeatedly and sent ims to her avatar without response. im wondering if this cherie is the same person. i hate to bother anyone on this site but ive been so worried about her. there are just so many similarities in this person and my friend.. age.. brothers name and that he is a musician living in colorado.. florida.. georgia.. the pic i have of her is quite similiar to the ones on your site. i have many other rl details. we have talked for hours and she is a great person.. probably the kindest person ive ever met. can anyone let me know if this is her. id like to send a card from my family to her letting her know how much we miss her and are thinking of her.

  8. Haven, I have emailed you. Yes, this is the same person. I'm sorry you had to find out this way.


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