Monday, November 22, 2010

Raising Money for Cherie

Wildflowers #2 / 12x16 / collage on cradled panel / ©St.Hilaire Nelson

Crista Porpiglia (above) purchased a Wildflowers collage from me in my efforts to raise money for Cherie's family in their amazing support of her in this awful situation. She contacted me via Facebook and told me she really wanted to help and that she really enjoyed my artwork. It's not a coincidence, Crista has been Cherie's Trauma PA since she arrived at Lawnwood Regional Medical Center on September 30!

Both Cherie's brother Rich and sister Sue had to commit to caring for her 100% after her rehab at Shepherd Center in order for Cherie to be admitted. They both have had to quit their jobs and head to Atlanta with her tomorrow morning in order to receive full nursing training for Cherie's needs which will involve 24-hour care.

Many thanks to Crista in her donation of 100% of the purchase price of this collage which was transferred to Cherie's sister Sue today.

You do not need to make a big purchase to help this family! We are working on a donation website as soon as we can get a trust fund setup for Cherie. I will also have a new address for Holiday cards which I will let you know as soon as I find out.

I'll be talking to Cherie tomorrow morning at 7am before she flies out, thanks to Crista and her cell phone!!!

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