Monday, November 29, 2010

Update on Cherie at Shepherd Center

Cherie is small blonde girl in poncho, holding her shoulders is her sister Sue, who is holding her shoulders again these days. Off to the far left in the orange turtle neck is her brother Rich

Cherie has spent the last three days straight OFF the ventilator! This is a huge step and was the focus of the holiday weekend at Shepherd Center. Her sister and brother have been there with her, learning how to participate in her care; skills for the future. On Dec 9, their spouses will also be making the trip to Atlanta to take orientation classes as well as cheer Cherie on in her progress. This family is amazingly dedicated, and as a result they are financially burdened. If anyone has any ideas on how to help with living expenses for Cherie's support system, ideas are welcome. Both her sister and brother have had to quit their jobs and commit to providing her care upon release from Shepherd in 4-6 weeks.


  1. Can Cherie or her siblings write? Maybe start a blog about the whole experience, why and how they made the decision to help as they are and accept donations on the blog. Another idea - get a group of artist friends to all donate a picture (topic being taking flight or unconditional support). Create a book on Blurb or something similar to sell for donations and auction off all the painting for her care. I'll donate an image.

  2. Wow GREAT GREAT idea Miriam with the book. I have used Lulu but not blurb. I can set it up to sell online as hardcover and paper back. I am a graphic artist and I can design a very nice looking book. I can use the online book service to fulfill the orders and use her sister's Paypal address for payment!

    Miriam YOU ARE A GENIUS!!!

  3. I have to say Miriam has fantastic ideas!!! I swear she should be a Consultant!

  4. Sheila, Kimberly Santini was telling me how great you are just last night via email. your ears must have been burning! YES Miriam even said she was having a bad day on FB today, I hope her idea being so great turned it around for her. I've already downloaded a template to do the design of the book from

  5. I am so happy to hear of Cherie's progress. That picture of her is adorable! Thank you for keeping us all posted. I think Mirium has a good idea here. I love reading good stuff like this.


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