Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Good News for Cherie!

Today may just have been my last visit to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center in Fort Pearce, FL. While I was in with Cherie this morning, the social worker, her brother, her sister, her trauma PA and her Reiki Massage therapist all crowded into the room for some "good news"

Here's the news: Medicaid has approved the extension of benefits and the out of state transfer from FL to GA so that Cherie can move on to Shepherd Center in Atlanta!

We are so excited! One last signature is needed, Shepherd Center big wigs need to put the final signatures on the dotted line. Once this is done (we are hoping today/tomorrow) she will be air lifted from Fort Pearce to Atlanta to start learning how to use adaptive equipment, and to get as much as she can out of her physical conditiion.

I am really going to miss seeing her every week, but I promised to fly up to Atlanta as soon as I have the dates and details of her rehab.

Please continue to send your love letters and cards, I hope to have an Atlanta address to share soon. Today Cherie told me (with her VOICE) about the card that Teresa Palomar Louis sent her from SPAIN! Cherie and I visited Spain together in high school on our junior class trip, our first time to Europe! She said to me, "HOW do you have connections to people in SPAIN?????" I told her " People are inherently good, and the internet is an amazing thing"

Isn't that the truth?


  1. "I told her " People are inherently good, and the internet is an amazing thing""

    Yes they are and yes it is!

    Yay Cherie!

  2. That is great news! I am so excited things are getting better for her!

  3. I'm so happy for Cherie and her upcoming move to a facility where she can learn more independence and develop her strength. You're a good friend and through you she's gained so much encouragement from people all over the world. Good news, indeed.

  4. Great news! She'll own Atlanta in no time :)


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