Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Work - Indian Paintbrush

Indian Paintbrush Series, 12x16, collage on cradled panel, ©St.Hilaire Nelson

More work in the flower series to be considered by Pier One Imports for reproduction on canvas. This particular set utilizes "another man's junk" as my treasure! Three steps show above, 1) Sketch, 2) Under-painting, 3) Finished Collage.

Kimberly Santini of Painting a Dog a Day sent me discarded palette papers from her work in open acrylics to consider using as collage material. Kim and I have gotten to know each other through blogging and email and I have to say that she has become one heck of a good friend. The kind of person you look forward to reading email from with your coffee in the morning!

I absolutely love these palette papers and the combination of colors that happens randomly from Kim mixing paints! Keep them coming Kim, I am officially a HOARDER.

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