Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Opportunities

Over a year ago, I gave a workshop in Amelia Island and had a fantastic water color artist in my class named Sean P. Callahan. Sean and I "clicked" even before the class when he emailed me about the supply list. I went to his website and was in awe over his amazing water color work. I wondered what in the WORLD he could learn from me? We all know that being great in one medium does not make you great in all media however. I am not even going to tell you how difficult watercolor would be for me.

Sean has permanently relocated from Vermont to Key West, FL. When he took my collage workshop in Amelia Island, FL the timing worked out for him because he was driving from VT to Key West and stopped along the way to take my class.

Serendipitously, Sean called me the weekend I was teaching this year in Amelia Island again, to ask me to be part of a Small Works December show at Stone Soup Gallery in Key West, FL where his work is now represented and he is curating shows!

Over a year after meeting Sean, he has asked me to be included in this show. A mutual admiration for talent, having kept in touch, and the "click" has opened up opportunities for me in a whole new place. I have earned my placement in all of the galleries that represent me with some level of networking. Let's face it, it's not only the art but YOU that the gallery is representing. The more personable you are and the closer you stay in touch, the better your chances are of being included.

I'm looking for an excuse to head to Key West in the future! Hopefully my work will be well received and Sean will choose to keep  me on at the gallery. If you are in the area, stop in and say hello to Sean and have some soup for me!


  1. oh how exciting!!! wonderful news!!! congratulations!!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving and what a wonderful give thanks story! I forwarded it to a young friend who is a Vermont transplant --- his father has the deli in Lake Mary .. That Deli (Greenwood and Lake Mary Blvd).

    And his art work of the dogs is delightful!

  3. You are so right - the quality of our work does bring attention, but the quality of the person keeps it coming back. Congratulations!

  4. Diana, thank you, I am pretty excited about it. ME, yes Sean's dog artwork is really quite amazing. He's burned out on dogs he tells me. He is an artist in residence on a cruise ship right now, two months! he's painting penguins and Llamas from what I can see on his Facebook page! That's funny about the Lake Mary Deli! Miriam, yes! you have to maintain relationships and make the gallerist want to sell YOUR work, direct traffic your way.


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