Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Citrus Inspiration

Mom's Best Key Lime Pie
20x20, collage of hand painted papers

This piece was started at the New Smyrna Beach Workshop as a demonstration for my collage technique. I worked several more hours on it at home before I got it to where I wanted it. I enjoyed working some pie recipes into the crimped edge of the crust. The meringue looks like you could just dip your finger into it, but the detail is created from very simplified shapes of directional ripping.

The trim of the apron also has some "I will always love you" text in it, which I thought was an appropriate combination along with Mom and her home made pie. (crust included, no Pillsbury here) For me, love has always been intertwined with family and food!


  1. oh wow Elizabeth!!! this is amazing....I love the details and you always surprise me with these pieces...wonderful work....thanks for sharing this one...and key lime is one of my favorites...


    love the apron too....


  2. Lovely piece. Looks like some great texture in this one. Appears that you may have used some little pieces of white doilies on the top of the pie?? Very effective.

  3. That meringue looks good enough to eat. I love the incorporated text.

  4. Oh the work involved here - and the love that did it. It shows and it's just fabulous!

  5. Some day I'll get to Florida and one of the first things I'll eat is Key Lime Pie. We don't have them in Oregon, not that I've seen anyway, and I'm forever hearing people say, "there's nothing like real key lime pie". Well, there's nothing like your Key Lime Pie, Elizabeth. It's wonderful.

  6. Thanks for all your kind words, I live here in FL and have not eaten this pie in a long time, NOW it's all I can think about!! Yes, I do have doilies and they are hard to work into certain pieces, but something about homemade key lime pie and paper doilies just seemed to go together quite well!

  7. i love this piece, eilizabeth! my grandma made a mean key lime pie and this makes me think of her. wonderful work, as always!


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