Friday, February 6, 2009

Florida Citrus Inspired

New Work with New Paper
Life's Lemons, 24x20, collage
I traded collage papers with Jo Reimer, a fellow collage artist, some time ago and I used much of what she sent me to build up the blue/purple/green background as well as the lemon leaves in this piece. 

I could not find the right yellows for the lightest parts of the lemons, all the paper I had was more of a golden tone, so I was forced to bring out the washi papers and brushes and make more hand-painted papers. I always dread doing this, as it takes time away from my favorite part, which is the collage process. BUT once I get painting and staining paper, I am always glad I did! Not only did I produce just the right yellow, but I went on to tint myself some dark blues and blacks that I know I will need for the next collage I have sketched up!

I am using Dr. Ph. Martin's lightfast inks to tint this batch of washi paper. I like the intensity of the colors and the fluidity of the medium. Watered down acrylics will also do the job. My challenge will be creating myself some flesh tones..... stay tuned!


  1. as usual Elizabeth, you have done yourself proud. The lemons are exactly the right shades, and edible as usual. (how funny, the word verification was peel) K.

  2. OMG, the word verification was peel? that is really very serendipitous! Thanks for you compliments

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous--I love the composition, the subject, the colors: in particular that blue-purple in the background backing up those yellows!

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  5. Love this!! My favorite colors. Now, why am I craving lemon meringue pie?

  6. Another beautiful painting! I love it that you have found such good use for my papers especially since I had such a good time painting them. I have found that these inks are very concentrated so I spray my papers to wet them before dropping the inks onto the paper to make them go farther.

  7. The lemons with leaves and flowers is stunning, breath taking.

    For those of us, like me, enjoying seeing your work develop, could or would you one day give us a brief history of how long you have been doing this art form and what led you to this amazing mode of artistic expression. Now wondering what is next!

  8. Wonderful, as usual! Love the colors! I'm really interested in process. Do you ever reveal how you get from point A to point D?

  9. Thanks for you kind words all! Laura, I worked hard on the composition of this one, and really pushed the yellow/purple/blue color contrast to give me the best color vibrancy. Jos papers are really great for their vibrancy, I am currently trying to get the same results with painting and staining my collage papers.

    Lemon Meringue pie happens to be one of Tricia's favorites, I know that for a fact, having made her one or two of them over the years. :)

    Mary Elizabeth, a history of how I became a paper painter sounds like a good subject for a blog entry, thanks! I will put it on my list.

    Sherri, I sent you some links for collages in progress, in old posts on the blog.

    I am teaching a workshop this weekend, have to run!


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