Monday, February 2, 2009

Sanford Seminole Collage Workshop

Student Works Completed
box with a bow, Patricia Nelson

This piece was particularly difficult due to the values and shiny qualities in the bow, especially. Tricia did a great job simplifying the shapes and using texture in the bow to make it work for collage. She also added a cord to the edges of the bow when she was finished papering, and this really gives it a flowing effect of ribbon. That's resourceful! I love the definitive values in this piece as well, she has her darks, in the blue on the right, her lights in the green on the left in the green and the purple, and her mediums in the bow and box. It's important to establish and simplify values in figurative collage, so that each section stands out.


  1. Thanks for your input Elizabeth. This was a really fun workshop and you had a great group that produced some really wonderful work. It is always interesting to see how a medium and technique is uniquely interpreted. I know I really enjoy "paper painting."

  2. You are quite welcome, I am glad you enjoyed it, and what a nice piece you have created. the more you explore this medium the more you will love it and find different solutions and ways to make it your own!


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