Monday, February 2, 2009

Sanford Seminole Collage Workshop

Student Works Completed
Go Gators, Fannie Griffin

Here is a fun piece which incorporated some magazine paper, some purchased art papers, some photos and memorabilia. Fannie and her family are big Big BIG Gator fans, so this piece was well received! She worked the art papers to form a really good texture on the gator (and the background), utilizing different shades and values of a color, rather than all one flat color. She also did a great job overlapping art papers on top of the photos, so that they are incorporated into the background rather than just appearing as if pasted on top. This is a very nice piece with personal meaning, one of the most fun aspects of collage!


  1. Ooh! Thanks for showing their finished pieces. Very cool!

  2. yes, showing the finished work is good for the students, they are excited to see their stuff published, and it allows me an opportunity to critique. this workshop was only a half day, so it's good to have the opportunity to see the finished work.

  3. Wow I have never seen that techinque before! trying to network with artisans in area ..planing to come down next sept 09! Any suggestions? Come by for OHOW giveaway?

  4. What great results from your workshop! Thanks for sharing the successes, and I know it was a lot of fun.


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