Friday, February 27, 2009

Hand Painted Papers

Apple Blossoms, 24 x 20, collage of hand painted papers

Finished! I embellished the flowers and added some white square cut papers in the background to complete this piece from my previous post. 90% of the papers in this piece are hand painted or hand stained by myself or by collage artists I've traded with. There is still some Starbucks bags in there, as many of you know I am addicted to them. Also in this piece are stained book pages, an ink stained coffee filter (yes!) and a little bit of maps. The buds are 100% hand painted paper provided by Jo Reimer, her papers are fantastic!


  1. It is a really really pretty piece. I love the combination of papers you used.

  2. When the collage popped up on my screeen, I started grinning from ear to ear. Such delight and freedom in your work!

  3. wow! it is beautiful. i still haven't done any hand-painted papers but it is so on my list of must-dos. another inspirational piece!

  4. such a happy,pretty piece! are you addicted to the starbucks bags only or to the ingredients, too? i've got a sumatra addiction myself. love your work!


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