Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Paper Paintings Skirt

Skirt Deconstructed
I received several comments from folks asking me how I created the paper skirt for the opening of my collage art show in Sarasota. So here goes:
  • First I took my very large digital images of my work (photographed by my husband with his professional camera) and put slivers of them all into one big computer file, with guide lines for the shapes that I would cut out to form the "flaps" all the way around.
  • Next I sent the giant file to Triangle Reprographics, my local service bureau who does a fantastic job with large format color output on ANY material. They suggested vinyl, which would have been more durable, but you know it had to be paper!
  • David Magagni (say: Mah-gag-knee) at Triangle 407-843-1492 is my fantastic contact, he talked to me and helped me figure out what kind of lamination I needed, we decided on a 3mil encapsulated (both sides) laminate to protect my paper.
  • When Triangle delivered the laminated paper to me, I then cut out all my shapes and did some decorative top stitching with my sewing machine, swirls and curls, to dress up the "flaps."
  • I bought a jersey knit skirt at Target for $15 with a roll over waistband, I then sewed the flaps individually to the skirt, underneath the waistband, all the way around. It's important that you sew them individually with a bit of space between them so that the jersey knit can still be stretchy and allow movement and expansion when you put it on.
  • I then rolled the waistband over the top of my "flaps" to cover the evidence of my handy sewing work.
  • I did not drive or sit in my skirt, the paper wants to pull out of the sewing in the back when put under pressure. I think I could have sewed a solid plastic edge along the top to prevent this and to make it more durable. That being said, this was a conversation piece, a way to engage the gallery guests into conversation about my paper artwork.
  • IT WORKED! I spent more time talking about my skirt Friday night than anything else!


  1. how imaginative, a beautiful and actually wearable piece of Wearable Art. K.

  2. It is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your technique too!

  3. You are so ingenious! But that's how you came up with your paper painting to begin with. You never fail to amaze and inspire. Kudos to you!!!

  4. Very cool. LOVE the photo of you wearing it. Judy

  5. THanks for all your support and compliments. I did get into many conversations about the skirt at the KB Gallery opening in Sarasota, FL. And THAT is why I created it, to draw people to speak with me about my art and the process of paper collage. :)

  6. If you do this again first sew a strip of lightweight black knit to the top of the panels and then sew the knit to the skirt. This would allow the strips to swing and protect the paper from tearing.

  7. that is just the neatest idea and you look wonderful in it, too!!

  8. What an itrip your blog takes me on! Love your creative inspirations. Beautiful.

  9. Very cool! Keep up the awesome work! And nice vogs btw. I got myself a new pair for Christmas, they're yellow!
    Love you!


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