Friday, February 20, 2009

Sarasota Opening Tonight

Paper Paintings Skirt
Thanks to some tips from the folks at FlashBags, I have created my own paper skirt that I will be wearing to the opening of my long awaited solo exhibition at the Katherine Butler Gallery in Sarasota, FL this evening.

After showing much of the work in progress on the blog, I thought you might like a look into the opening night. I hope to post a few photos from the opening over the weekend.

Ali talked me through making my own wearable paper art, since FlashBags did some dresses for a fund raiser fashion show that really inspired me!


  1. Oh my! Your skirt is seriously COOL! I would love to hear more detail on how you made it, not that I can sew LOL! You could do a whole line of these skirts to go with your bags. Have a great time at the opening!

  2. What a wonderful skirt!
    I hope the opening was great fun and that your sales were good.

  3. Elizabeth --- You are an incredible lady, creative, filled with zest. This morning I take time, that has been sparse for me recently, and there is inspiration on the move from you. I do sew and would love to know how I could make a paper skirt that would embody some of the incredible symbols of my work of discovery and recovery. Also, your Lulu book just presented a possible answer to an idea tossing around in my mind this morning. How I hope the Sarasota show is a blast in every way for you! I am delighted to be included among the people you call "friend"! Mary Elizabeth

  4. The opening was wonderful and you in your spectacular skirt were the hit of Towles Art walk!!

  5. Awesome skirt. I would love to see it in person. Glad to hear your opening was a big hit.


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