Friday, February 20, 2009

Work In Progress

Think Spring!
Untitled, 24 x 20, collage of hand painted papers on panel
I am working on this piece for Juxtapose Gallery in New Jersey, they are experiencing a harsh winter up there and Gerri and I are thinking that some images of spring would be nice featured in her gallery window next month.

Gerri has just added Robin Maria Pedrero and me to the Juxtapose Gallery website, we are very excited about this new partnership. As many of you already know, Robin and I have shown together in Florida many times, and in addition to Juxtapose, we are also at Celebrations Gallery in CT together. 


  1. oh my goodness Elizabeth...this is stunning...wonderful always blow me away...

    have a wonderful weekend...


  2. This work is now complete, and I will post the finished product. it's not really much different, I defined the flowers more. :)


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